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Compro has established a reputation for continuously expanding real-time computer performance boundaries. Compro maintains its four-decade-plus tradition as a center for innovation, creating open, deterministic, scalable computer systems, I/O subsystems, and component technologies for wide-ranging real-time applications. As a direct supplier to customers with mission-critical needs, and a technology supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and System Integrators, Compro has achieved an installed base of over 9,000 systems -representing over 3,000 customers worldwide.



Legacy Computer Replacement System (LCRS) is a drop-in SEL/Gould/Encore host replacement solution that runs unmodified legacy code on Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware/software, delivering 100% code compatibility and dramatically improved performance at a fraction of the cost and risk of traditional re-hosting.

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Real-Time Environment (RTE)

Compro’s value-add is the Real-Time Environment (RTE) consisting of PCI Real-Time Option Module(s) (RTOMs) with Real-Time Executive extensions. The Compro RTE and Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)-compliant operating system combination provides a complete support package. This allows the software engineer to: 1) control when actions will occur, 2) connect actions to time-based triggers, and 3) schedule multiple tasks using a strict, priority-based First-In/First-Out (FIFO) mechanism. These ensure precise and efficient critical real-time task execution.

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RSX Systems

Compro's RSX II computer is a Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) processor with dual high-performance modes of operation, RISC and CONCEPT/32 compatibility. Innovations such as large multi-ported Direct Mapped Cache (DMC), separate real-time Input/Output (I/O) bus, and state-of-the-art RISC technology enhance Compro's proven real-time capabilities. RSX II serves as a perfect 'bridge' enabling Compro CONCEPT/32 users to move to the price/performance advantages of RISC technology without requiring any changes to current software.

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Reflective Memory System (RMS)

PCI-based Reflective Memory (PCI-RMS) is a high-performance multiprocessor distributed memory system that sets a new standard in the reflective memory family of technologies. It is the latest innovation from Compro in high-speed deterministic system connectivity and continues in the tradition of reflective memory and memory channel interconnects.

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The General Purpose Input/Output - High-Speed Device (GPIO-HSD) provides a full 32-bit parallel interface to a customer-designed device at rates up to 2,150K transfers per second. The GPIO-HSD includes a PCI interface to connect it to the host computer. It also includes a simple 32-bit bi-directional data bus and appropriate internal storage registers for exchanging data with the customer device. The board includes a local microprocessor for controlling internal HSD data flow, PCI bus traffic, and the external I/O handshake interface. The high-speed Intercomputer Bus Link (IBL) mode connects two GPIO-HSD boards for high-speed, inter-system communication.

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Compro’s Peripheral Component Interconnect - Analog Digital Interface (PCI-ADI) interface provides an easy-to-install, Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solution for replacing your system’s legacy SelBUS ADI board. The PCI-ADI connects a PCI-based host to one or more legacy RTP Corporation analog/digital subsystems.

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LCRS Development Solution

To better serve our customers, Compro offers two software development solutions based upon the successful Legacy Computer Replacement System (LCRS). We recognize that some development efforts demand precise real time and I/O characteristics, while others need only simple code validation without regard to performance. Compro’s development solutions give programmers exactly the tools they need, sized for any given task.

LCRS Development Environment

The LCRS Development Environment (LCRS-DEV-E) is a full-featured application development and support configuration that provides full real time fidelity and deterministic I/O support for complex and mission-critical programs.

Development Structure

The LCRS Development Structure (LCRS-DEV-S) is a reduced scale application development and support configuration, perfect when real time performance is not required.

The following capabilities chart itemizes the configuration differences:



Deterministic/Low Latency Application Performance


Real Time Environment & RTOM Included


Separate Linux DRTX Node (via Reflective Memory)


Embedded DRTX Node (c/o Multi-Core CPU)


Deterministic I/O Performance


Source Code Management Software (Linux)



For additional information, please contact a Compro sales representative.

Secure LCRS

Modern computer systems used in U.S. armed forces’ environments must meet Information Assurance (IA) security requirements. To meet this demand, Compro offers the Secure Legacy Computer Replacement System option (S-LCRS) which can be added to any existing or future LCRS configuration.

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